There are so many fitness blogs, video tutorials and apps that can help you lose weight – but they don’t help keep your beautiful feminine curves. But how many of us have tried these programs to just YO YO back to our original weight again. Keeping up with exercise routines & diet plans doesn’t come easy when one has so many distractions, feelings lost and no time.

Time is an asset and we want to get as much as we can out of it even if the price is our health. Fast pacing technology has made us immobile. Sitting in front of a computer, driving, commute, entertainment and desks all day long has made a lack of blood flow. Thus causing problems to re-engage the muscles when you’re ready to use them again. And when the problem gets out of hand we rush to resolve it without questioning its effectiveness.

If you spend most of your time in front of computer, driving, on your couch while watching TV or reading a book then you are going to experience hip pain, back aches, stiff muscles and a saggy booty. Most common problem caused because of sitting too long is inactive and sensitive hips. Now for the solution, you go to gym and start doing squats and lifting weights without thinking that will this solve the problem you are facing or talk about how your Booty falls asleep when sitting too long. (lack of blood flow)

Factors playing in deforming your booty

  1. Underactive Glutes

  2. Unhealthy diet

  3. Fat

  4. Gravity

  5. Soft/Saggy hips

  6. Wrong clothing choices

  7. Age

  8. Childbirth

And the answer for most of us would be no. Only doing exercise is not enough. Each one of you has a UNIQUE body structure and UNIQUE needs. Know what your body needs and act accordingly. An exercise that is being effective on your friend doesn’t mean will solve your problem too, just like a dress that looks good on your friend doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

Knowing your booty-type

Identify your type from among these. Each kind faces different problem and each problem needs its own kind of solution.


‘Be’ the change

Based on the problem that you’ve identified look for a solution. You will need to narrow down the simplest solution that you can easily follow along your tough schedule. Bring out the minor changes in your day to day life. Go slow. Take one step at a time and slowly make progress and don’t be in search of perfection.


Eat healthy

A little change in your diet chart will help you drastically. A healthy diet that contains a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fibers is key to remain healthy. Start eating frequent balanced meals throughout the day will help keep your energy up, your muscles fed, and a high metabolism.

Some recommended food items are:

  • Seafood

  • Animal protein (e.g. chicken, turkey, lamb)

  • Starchy carbs (e.g. quinoa, lentils, rice cakes, oatmeal, couscous, brown rice)

  • Fruits (apple, banana, figs, watermelon, mangoes, blueberries)

  • Vegetables (asparagus, kale, cauliflower, celery, mushrooms, spinach)

If vegan go for the following options: beans, hummus, tempeh, pea protein powder, coconut yoghurt and nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts)


Make workout a daily ritual

Take 15-30 out from your day and workout. Your main focus should be ISOLATION that means single leg exercises and the best way to do them is with a simple exercise tool. A BOOTY BAND. It simplifies your workout routine drastically. Some simple booty workouts are:

  • MERMAIDS (Booty Lifter)

  • HOTDOG (Booty Rounder)

  • SCORPION (Booty Popper)

  • BIGBOOTYSUZIE (Booty Sculpter)

Just a few minutes away from getting your dream booty and you don’t go to gym for it.

Evolve to your best body & higher self with the BOOTY BANDS supportive community!

Here’s the link to the video for getting yourself motivated.

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