We love curves and firm booties. It’s possible to naturally tone your bad shaped booty and lose all the fat no matter the age. Just start doing the exercise now and get the results in 10 days of hitting the gym.

Start doing these simple workouts and within a week you will notice that your booty is getting round, firm, toned and strong. Start working out that butt right now especially if it’s starting to hurt after prolonged sitting. Do not ignore the signs the signs your body is sending you. Soon you’ll notice the lift in your booty that you always wanted.

A balanced diet is a must

Take a good proportion of proteins, carbs and fibers. No junk food, it makes fat stick to your body. Eat four to five non-processed, organic meals a day. Make sure you stay hydrated. Good protein sources you must take:

  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Soy
  • Eat less saturated fat and sugar
  • Milk and dairy foods: go for lower-fat varieties


Burn all the fat

Take at least a two days break so your muscles can rebuild them after working out each day. Stick to the course for a time period of total 30 days.

Glute Workout

Starting: Stand on an assistant poet machine. Put one heel on the lower part and start pushing it down with your heels.

  • your angle for bending the knee should be 90 degree
  • do not push it with your toe
  • do 20 sets for each leg

  • go into the squat again
  • kick the other leg backwards
  • go into the squat again
  • complete 20 sets

Booty Band Squats

Starting: Put a booty band on your thighs. And lift a bar up to your shoulders (low elbows) and then above your head (high elbows) and take it over your head and rest it on the shoulders on the back side.

  • make it comfortable for your elbows
  • go into a squat
  • push your legs against the band
  • stand up
  • kick one leg backwards

Bar lifting

Starting: Put on the booty band around your thighs and find a bench to adjust your body

  • rest the top part of your body on a bench
  • put a gym mat in your lap
  • start lifting the bar with lower body
  • keep your body at 900 and workout the glutes


Starting: Lay down on your stomach on a bench hold onto support and start pushing your legs upward.

  • do a 100 sets.

If you can change your lifestyle in just ten days then you should start doing it right now. Bring in a healthy change in yourself.

Get out of bed and hit the gym now because no else is going to do it for you.

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