I have a firm belief that every woman is beautiful and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise. Because in the end, it’s you and you alone that matter and the work you put in for yourself. I mean, you’ve been taking time out from your daily lives – that alone is a tough task to manage on its own. Sometimes you just want to give up, pack your bags up and let it all happen.

I know, you’re often left stranded, lost, and even hopeless at times – without any clue of where to start. 

Ladies, let me assure you, that’s a place we’ve all been at one point in our lives. It’s nothing to ashamed about. Let me admit myself, there was a time in my life when running and managing my own business got too much for me and I could not find the time to follow my own advice.

This affected me not just physically but mentally as well. I kind of lost my way.

But I managed to turn things around in my life. I started working out again and managed to take a little time out here and there – bits and pieces that could fit into my routine and I am hopeful you can do the same.

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to take much of your time. However, it’s very important that you warm up before any workout.


To maximize the results of your workout.

So before any Booty workout, you can simply do this easy warmup routine given below and get the physique you have always dreat about.

Equipment you need?

All you need is Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Booty Bands and a mat – you’re good to go.

Are you ready? I am excited about this.

Let’s move towards this easy Booty warmup.

Overview of the Workout

  • Squat (20)
  • Mermaid Stretch (20)
  • Kick back Warm Up (20)


#1 – Squats

You can start with a simple exercise known as squats. You’ve heard about these right? I bet you have.

It’s very simple – take a Level 1 Booty Band and wear it around you knees. Now you want to start off nice and slow. Put your arms in front of you, around chest height and go down slowly. Please note that you don’t want to put too much burden on your knees so don’t over exert or tilt your body. You want to go down with a straight upper body.


This simple warm-up will help to develop your glutes and help you achieve that nice and round curve in your booty. You can either do two sets of 10 reps each or go for a circuit during which you do 20 and move on to the next exercise.

#2 – Mermaid Workout

Moving on, the second exercise we’re going to be doing is known as the Mermaid. Don’t get confused with the name, we’re not going swimming.

All you have to do is lay down on the floor/mat on one side. You can lie completely flat or propped up with your elbow under your shoulder.and you’re going to do this with knees bent but joined together with the Booty Band. Now slowly, with your feet together, try and get a separation between your knees – only the knees.


You’re going to try and do 20 reps for each leg – this workout is going to help you achieve maximum booty lift and also help tone your core.

#3 – Kickbacks

Are you still with me, ladies?

Very good.

Now moving on to the third warm up exercise, you’re going to be doing Kickbacks but with the Booty Band.

All you have to is get on your knees and your arms supporting your stance, you’re going to try and kickback with the Booty Band around your leg and thighs. By doing this exercise you’re going to working the glutes.


Repeat 20 times for each leg and you’re going to feel the burn.

Feeling the burn? I sure am.

Remember ladies, for any exercise to work effectively you must warmup beforehand. Similarly before getting into the flow of working your booty, you’re going to have to ease in with this simple and effective Booty warmup.

How do you feel? If you’re feeling positive and nicely warmed up after following this routine, please let me know by commenting in the section down below and I would be very happy to see that I have made a difference in somebody’s life.

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