I have seen many women complain about not getting the right results even after spending countless hours of working out.

How can this happen?

After carefully analyzing their workouts I was able to assess that there were some very critical mistakes that these women were making. These mistakes were the main reason behind the lack of results and contributed mainly towards the frustration these women were facing.

So tell me, are you doing all the right things you need to be doing to get the Booty you’ve always desired?

Don’t worry, I am here for you. Everybody makes mistakes. We’re humans after all.

I have made quite a few of them too. But that’s a story for another time. In my years of experience of working with various women from all over the globe – I have found that there are some common mistakes that ladies tend to make.

These mistakes might sound very small. However, the effects they have on your body and the damaging effect they make on your workouts is enough to not let you achieve the goals you have set for yourselves.

Common Mistakes Women Are Making

Most women spend a lot of time working out either in the gym or at home. However, one of the main reasons they are not able to get the results they have always wanted is because they’re not guided rightly.

#1 – Not Focusing On The Right Muscles

The most common mistake I have seen women make is that they are unable to activate the right muscles when they are working out.

Common reasons for that happening include:

  • Poor exercise technique

  • Bad posture

What this does is that there is no mind body connection and you’re unable to focus on the right muscle and not isolating them which is needed to get the right results.

#2 – Lifting Too Heavy

The second common mistake you’re making is that you’re trying to lift too heavy. What happens is that when you lift too heavy you’re using all of your muscles and are unable to work the right booty muscles in isolation and therefore not seeing the results.

#3 – Too Many Full Body Workouts

I know it’s quite addicting to do full body circuits. I mean, you’re working all of your body and it’s going from head to toe, you feel like you’re really working it out. Although this may be great to do on a casual basis. However, when you’re doing this frequently, you’re not really gaining anything because you’re unable to isolate and really target those muscles.

#4 – Not Completing The Full Motion

Another common mistake that I have seen women make, mostly in the beginning is not going all the way down to get the right burn in any of the exercises they’re doing. Let’s say if they are doing squats – they’re not really going all the way down to activate and really work those glutes.

Similarly while doing lunges, most ladies I have seen tend to make the mistake of limiting their movements and not going all the way down to really get that burn and activation in those booty muscles.

These mistakes might not sound like much in the start but combined together they are holding you back. By not activating and doing the right exercises, your efforts are going to waste and we don’t want to do that now, do we?

I hope I have made some sense in writing this blog and provided you with enough guidance so that you can try and avoid these mistakes. Because afterall we all want you to have the Booty of your dreams.

If there are any other topics you would like me to cover, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

Happy Working Out

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