Have you been exercising your glutes for a while and not seeing the desired results? Chances are that you may be making some critical glute training mistakes. Knowing these mistakes and how to fix them before your next gym session can help improve your workouts! So you can finally get that booty you have always dreamed of.

#1: Making Squat Your Primary Exercise

Making Squat Your Primary Exercise

It’s common for people to resort to squats as their go-to gluteal muscle exercises. Granted, doing squats can work a wide group of muscles but they are not the primary glute exercise. There are specific strengthening exercises that should be focused on if your aim is to target the booty area. Some examples include:

Hip Thrust, Mermaids and Single Leg Hip Thrusts. If you want to get a clearer idea of how to do these workouts – head on over to Booty Bands and get access to training tips from Danita herself when you purchase a Bootybands

This doesn’t mean you should entirely give up doing squats at the gym. It’s more about how you structure your workouts and where you pay more attention.

#2: Not Doing Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are an effective way to shape and lift your booty. In fact, hip thrusts are the new squats. Next time at the gym, with a trainer’s assistance, grab a barbell and try a set of 3 with 5 reps. For safety and comfort, it is recommended you get a thick pad or a cushion to avoid the barbell digging into your hips. It’s a great way to improve your glutes without building up the thighs.

Not Doing Hip Thrusts

Another obstacle is the mindset that one can’t lift a lot. However, this exercise can be picked up very quickly and there’s generally a steep learning curve.

Still not comfortable with doing them?

Why not start with a 10 day Booty workout designed by Danita herself.

These simple and easy workouts are going to get your Booty warmed up and in 10 days you’re going to start seeing results.











#3: Exercising Glutes Only Once A Week

Exercising Glutes Only Once A Week

The glute is a pretty large muscle. For that reason, it’s important to pencil in your buttock workouts at least twice per week. However, that doesn’t mean that you should overwork your glutes. That’s because the in-between recovery days are just as important for your glute strength. This varies from person to person and depends on the type of exercise you’re doing but generally a day of rest between your heavier compound lifting sessions is a good idea.

#4: Not Understanding The Phases Of Glute Development

To get that desired booty, you will have to incorporate both; bodyweight and weight-training/resistance into your workouts. And yes, both types of exercises can live in a harmonious relationship. Any optimal fitness programs consists of both.

Not Understanding The Phases Of Glute Development

It is very common for girls to only gravitate towards the exercise in which they feel the most comfortable – whether it is bodyweight related like pilates or solely lifting heavy weights. With glute development for women, it is a combo of these exercises that will give you the best results.

Not Understanding The Phases Of Glute Development

#5: Not Focusing On A Variety Of Exercises

It is not unusual for women to find a workout routine and stick to it for months on end. The reason behind it is that women get comfortable with their training routine and the idea of adding another exercise can be daunting. This is a big no-no when it comes to training. Adding variety is critical – as the saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’ ’


Now this doesn’t mean that you have to do completely new exercises every week or month. It’s about progressively adding new exercises when you feel your body needs that extra push. Plus change can also make your workout more fun and less repetitive.

Go through your own exercise program and see if you’re making one of these mistakes. You can easily modify your program to make sure you’re avoiding these mistakes during your next glute workout. It’s surprising how making small changes in your program can lead to significantly better results.

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