“I’m working my a$$ off, and not seeing the results I know I deserve!”

Let’s keep it simple: Just 3 steps to get your Bootylicious Curves

Step 1: Eliminate the Junk.

“All this junk food is going straight to my trunk.”

WRONG! All the junk is going to add cellulite, widen your waistline, and all the places you don’t want it to go! So instead feed the MUSCLE which will place your curves where they are supposed to be. In this first step we are going to change your routine. Don’t freak out! We are creatures of habit we just need to slowly replace “the junk” and add something to “replace it.” Here we go:

A. Write everything you ate yesterday. (Include what you drank, secretly ate, and boredom eating counts too.)

B. Now circle any “processed foods” from your list. Processed foods can be defined as: “any deliberate change in a food or altered from their natural state before it’s available for us to eat.” Another way to define processed foods: anything in the center of the grocery store, snack food aisle, commercially prepared, does not occur in nature, or not watered.

C. Replace 1 circled item (aka Processed Food) with a “Healthier Suggestion” every week. Here is a list below for ideas:

Step 3: Throw your scale away, take a “before & after” picture instead.

Do you know what weighs more, a pound of fat or a pound of muscle?
Trick question: They weigh the same!
But which is bigger, a pound of muscle or a pound of fat?

Muscle is much denser than fat which means muscle weighs more but takes up less space in your body. The scale might not change, but you’ll look much better and you will be achieving your BOOTY GAINS. In fact, the scale might go up, so take a “before & after” picture to see how your body is transforming. Combining patience, diet & exercise you WILL see results, build a healthier body and enjoy a fitter Bootylicious LIFE!

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