Every year, there are 1000’s of women who give up on their goal of getting fit as they’re not able to get rid of the belly fat around their waste. All of them have different reasons for their failures – some blame themselves, some put blame on the program they were following, while some even go ahead and blame other people for their failure.

A lot of blame is thrown around, there is a lot of frustration and an aura of demotivation is sort of hanging over you. However, let me assure you this is not the end of the world and you’re not alone in this struggle.

It’s not a surprise that with so many fitness programs, pills, powders, and diet gimmicks claiming to provide a quick-fix for all of your problems – that many fall victim to these types of products in the hope of finding the “answer” to their problems.

However, the one thing that they fail to understand is that the answer on how to get rid of belly fat is not in these “miracle” products. but instead the only way to be successful is by doing it the old fashioned way, which is to rely on proper diet and exercise.

This does not mean at all that you cut down everything you eat and start working out or hitting the gym relentlessly. To successfully rid yourself of that extra belly fat around your waist, you have to take a structured approach – a balance between good diet and exercise.

What do I mean?

If you want to be successful in your ambitions to shed the extra weight from your waist, the first thing you have to do is make a plan. You need to finalize the things you are going to be working on and you need to come up with a strategy that is effectively going to help you get to your goals.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, it’s really much simpler than you think.

Once you come down to it, losing belly fat maybe a hard task but it can be achieved through simple things:

  • Sit in a straight up position comfortably.
  • There is no starving involved
  • You don’t have to completely cut out sugar from your diet
  • No endless cardio
  • No supplements, no pills, no gimmicks

Okay now that you have a little understanding of what exactly you have to do. Let’s go over the golden rule of losing body fat. You need to burn more calories than you are taking in. That’s not to say, starve yourself. Quite the opposite really. Your body needs fuel in order to burn fat. We all know that muscle is healthier than fat. Well, your body knows that too. If you aren’t eating properly instead of your body burning fat to keep you going, it will burn muscle instead.

But how does that affect belly fat?

Belly fat is not very different from your overall body fat. If you are steadily maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet, then you are on your way to success. Yes, this is not going to be done overnight, but over the course of time you are going to get there.

But all of this easier said than done and although there are many simple things you can do- the task itself involves you bringing many changes into your lifestyle which are going to help you get there.

What are the changes I am talking about?

1 – Start Eating Clean

If you want to lose weight, or in this case, targeted weight loss, but are lost for direction and don’t know where to begin. The first place to start will be at home. As they say “abs are made in the kitchen”.

You will have to start by cleaning up your diet and take a healthier approach to the food you intake because your diet is the biggest factor in helping you get rid of belly fat.

So what does cleaning up your diet mean?

Clean eating is all about the food choices you make. It’s about you replacing unhealthy foods with healthier ones. You can start consuming whole grain, fruits, vegetables and replace all artificial food items from your diet, and lots, and lots of water.

By making these simple changes, you are well on your way without any major lifestyle changes involved.



2 – Rid Yourself Of Added Sugar

If there is one culprit responsible for the belly fat around you waist – it has to be added sugar.


Because added sugar does not bring any nutritional value to your body and when present in access amount, it is converted into fat.

Why do I bring it up?

In plain and simple words, sugar is not healthy for you. Not only does it bring a lot of fat with it but is also responsible several health issues that includes heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes.

3 – Start Exercising Regularly

Now I don’t mean that you go overboard and start hitting the gym all 7 days of the week.

What I mean is that exercising on a regular basis, even 3 times a week to begin with is going to effectively get your body working. You can try doing light cardio to begin with and then taking things from there.

Once you are used to working out on a regular basis – you can increase your effort by trying a HIIT workout and even incorporate weights into your routine.

However, now you will be wondering, you don’t have the time?

Well exercise is exercise and you don’t really need to go to a gym or even outside for that matter. You can start by just taking out 15 minutes for yourself everyday at home and start getting your workouts in.

Don’t know where to start?

Take a look at my Evolve program that is going to help you get started on your transformation today.

4 – Manage Your Sleep Properly

If you are looking at less than 5 hours of sleep every day then ladies, you are not doing yourself any favors.

I cannot stress this enough but if you really want to get rid of belly fat then you should be managing proper 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

How can you do that?

You can do that by defining a set time for you to sleep at night – this will help you be more prepared every day and also help to get you in a set routine.

Rounding Things Up

I know all of these changes will take time and won’t all be done overnight. However, if you really want to get rid of belly fat then you have to stick to making these changes and I assure you, you will be well on your way to attaining the goals you set out to achieve.

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