Is it about working out with other that motivates us? I mean, you’ve seen it happen too right? Whenever you’re working out with a group, you feel motivated to wake up early for a 6 a.m. fitness session. You make sure to get that last rep when you see that those working out with you are powering through – it’s a good feeling to push yourself because you because those around you are motivating you.

I guess they really do mean it when they say that there is strength in numbers. Being part of a positive community has always been helpful for people. I have always been a big supporter of having a positive individuals around because it helps to instill a positive mindset into you and you feel good about yourself.

Have you been working out alone? Have you been feeling a little down as your fitness goals seem so far away? My recommendation is that you become a part of a community that is going to help you get to your goals faster, with support and accountability.

But how will being a part of a positive community help you reach your goals faster?

Reason #1 – Keep You Motivated

When you’re part of a community, there is an additional sense of motivation towards reaching your goals. You try to be more consistent. You push yourself harder and thus get to your goals as a collective part of a community that you feel a sense of appreciation.

Why do you think that happens?

Because you’re part of a positive community which is always there for you, you feel comfortable with women who are just like you and are part of a journey much similar to yours. You feel part of a community, a family that is worth holding on to and therefore you feed off the collective energy of others who are there to support you.

Reason #2 – Added Diversity

When you’re part of a group or a community that is always there for you and keeps you motivated to reach your goals, another benefit you get is the diversity of the community.

While you share your journeys with the community, other women from the community share their stories with you and you feel the same way – and when you find something you can relate to, it helps you feel apart of something strong and is encouraging.

You become a part of other people’s journey, living different lives, having different situations and they become part of your journey. Being a part of such a positive community can help give you have a different point of view on life. You can then share the situations that hold you back with the fellow members of your community and gain support.

Reason #3 – Holds You Accountable

I feel when you’re part of a positive community, one of the main reasons that you reach your goals faster is that it helps to keep your accountable. Keeping you true to your promises, and helps to keep you motivated as you see other working towards their goals pushes you towards your own

It’s not a competition. When you’re part of a community, you think to yourself that if these people are doing everything they can to reach their fitness goals, why aren’t you?

I have experienced this too. The Booty Bands community has always kept me motivated, always kept me accountable to why I started this program and so do that rest of the women in our community.

As they become part of this community, they see other people sharing their stories which motivated them to share their own. It motivates them to do everything they can to achieve their goals.

Reason #4 – Does Not Let You Slack

There are times that people tend to lose focus, tend to lose the motivation to workout after a while. In short, they lose sight of their goals. However, when you’re part of a community, the positive energy from the community does not let it happen.

And whenever you feel a little down, their support and positivity is always there to help you, to motivate you, and to give you the energy you need to work towards your goals – helping you on your journey.

Reason #5 – A Sense Of Family – A Sense Of Ownership

One of the most important benefits that you get from being part of a positive community, you feel a sense of family, you get to be a part of a community that relates to you, that welcomes you as their own, and is always there for you.

As a part of a community myself, I feel that when you’re part of such a family, you don’t want to let them down and know they are there for you when you need the additional encouragement. It’s this sense of family, the sense of ownership that always helps you to stay positive and stay true to your goals.

As I have always emphasized that ,and I will do it again but attitude is everything. Being positive about your goals is always going to be helpful for you and being part of a positive community is just additional help that you can always have on your side, by becoming a part of such a family.

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