I am going to ask you a simple question today. Are you one of those people that are literally trying everything you can to stop your sugar cravings? You have been doing everything you can to resist – however, you simply are not able to finish off a meal without topping it off with something sweet.

You are unable to stop you sugar cravings from taking over and you give in to your temptations.

Are you?

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I was once a sugar addict too and I simply could not resist eating something sweet after every meal. I mean, I had plenty to eat and I would be full. But I would always have room for a 800-1000 calorie dessert.

To be very honest, I was not proud of this part of my life. I mean used to put 3-4 spoons of sugar into my morning coffee. Now half of you will shaking your head, the other half, probably gets my addiction.

However, the good news is that this was a version of me that is in the past now. I am not proud of it but I am glad that I have managed to stop my sugar cravings and overcome my addiction or at least trying to.

If can do it – so can you. You just have to train yourself in a manner that helps to crave sugar less. Further good news is that once you get the jist of it, you can overcome a sugar addiction unlike other drug addictions.

Our bodies cravings for sugar depends upon the food choices we make. And the food industry has made it very hard for us to stop our sugar cravings because they have made sure that we are used to eating food items that have loads of sugar in them. And because of this, we are used to a certain amount of sugar that simply puts us in a place where its very hard to stop our sugar cravings.

How our bodies have been trained to expect and crave more sugar, we can train it to crave it less. It’s a pretty straight forward approach, once you realize that you have to do this to stop your sugar cravings.

We simply have to start eating or consuming food items that has lesser sugar. The idea is to train your body in a way that it expects lesser sugary items in your diet. But how do you do it? Well, there are ways you can train your body to stop your sugar cravings. I will let you know of the ways I tried and worked for me.

1 – Taking Less Sugar In Your Coffee

As I told you, I used to add 4 spoons of sugar into my morning coffee. So in order to stop my sugar cravings, I took it down a notch and subtracted one spoon of sugar from my usual amounts. Once I got used to this much amount of sugar, I subtracted one more and kept cutting down until I was used to having my coffee without sugar.

You can try this too. If you’re using a sweetener, you can use the same formula to cut your sugar intake and keep on reducing until you are at a point that is acceptable to you.

2 – Limit Your Soda Intake

We are used to having beverages that are sweet and high in sugar. All our soda consumption in our daily lives leads to our sugar addiction. And it order to stop sugar cravings, I started replacing my soda intake with more water intake.

If I was taking 4 soda or sweetened beverages everyday, I cut it down and replaced one of those drinks with a unsweetened beverage. I used the same formula to cut down each soda beverage until I was consuming sodas no more and my food choices completely changed for the better.

3 – Swapping Your Snacks

The biggest contribution made by any food items to my sugar addiction was from the snack I used to consume. I mean I was so used to taking snacks that were sweet in between meals that it became a habit I could not control.

It became so bad that I could not get rid of this habit immediately. So what I tried was that I started taking snacks that had lesser amounts of sugar in them. By replacing these snacks with lesser sugary items I was able to control my sugar intake and slowly and steadily got rid of this habit completely.

4 – Happy Hour Fresh Juices

Once I was able to control my sugar intake from artificial or processed foods. I had to reward myself too. So what I started doing was that instead of taking cocktails and processed juices, I started to consume fresh juices – items that had zero processed sugary flavour in them,

By doing this I was not only able to limit my sugar intake to zero but also was able to reward myself with something sweet that was not doing any harm to my body.

5 – Introduction Of Cheat Days

Before I was eating dessert of something sweet everyday. This was taking its toll on my body. So in order to stop sugar cravings, I had to take all these steps. However, I am going to be honest, I missed my desserts so I had to bring in a concept of cheat days.

Instead of eating dessert everyday, I was having dessert once in a week or once in two weeks. This helped my keep myself calm and focused on my goals to stop sugar cravings. However, I was being smart with my cheat days choices as well. I was choosing desserts that were lesser sugary because I did not want to lose all the progress I had made.

So there you go ladies. It’s a matter of choices. Either you can keep on doing what you’re doing and continue giving in to your temptations or you can do something about it by making the right choices to stop sugar cravings. For Daily Food & Workout Challenges click here: HERE!