Do you ever start your period and think “well, that explains a lot.”? Your confused & helpless days of “Why is is happening to me?”  IS OVER! It’s time to lasso your hormones and get ahead of your emotions so you can live happier & healthier.

Here are 5 things that you could be doing wrong that makes your HORMONES WORSE!  

1- Alcohol

2- Caffeine

3- Sugar

4- Processed Food or Fast Food

5- Not exercising


First is Understanding All Phases:  Do you know which one you are in right now?

? Follicular – After Period (7-10 days) – Coming out of super analytical mode, ready to tackle goals.

? Ovulation – (3-5 days) – You are magnetic! Rise of estrogen & getting prego, You are feeling most Beautiful, Sexy & Strong!

? Luteal – Right before your Period (10-14 days) – Your Left & Right brain collide. Feelings of irritability, overwhelm, & “not good enough.” Dip in Serotonin, feel good hormone. (It will pass).

?️ Menstrual – Period (3-7 days) – If you didn’t resolve tension this week – then you will become emotionally, mentally & physically drained.

?Pre, Menopausal, Post- Symptoms can last 4-10 years. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, tiredness, irregular menstrual cycle, and loss of libido to name a few. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms or to the same extent.

Second is understanding how to Master your Phase:  

? Follicular – Keep your focus on making an action plan. Failure to plan will create overwhelm, inner frustration, and anxiety about you & your life.

? Ovulation – Your Communication skills are at their best. Open up a conversation today.

? Luteal – If you want dark chocolate. I will approve BUTT only in moderation. Dark Chocolate can help boost your serotonin dips.

?️ Menstrual – If you are cramping – rub a blend of clary sage essential oil with coconut oil on your belly.

?Pre, Menopausal, Post- More than half of women deal with a dry vagina, whichcan cause burning, itching, irritation, urinary problems and problems with sex and exercise. There’s a connection between vaginal dryness and the hormone estrogen: as the hormone declines—so does the quality of your vaginal lining. Solutions: lubricants and moisturizers, your DR approved low-dose oral estrogen therapy, unscented toilet tissue, washing clothes in detergents free of dyes and perfumes and avoiding fabric softeners or anti-cling laundry products.

Third is what are the best exercises & foods for your Phase.  

? Follicular-
FOOD: Incorporate liver cleansing foods: lemons, flaxseed, dandelion greens, cauliflower & brussel sprouts.
EXERCISE: Best time to get your Endurance Workouts in.  Sweat it out. For Endurance Workouts click HERE.

? Ovulation –
FOOD: Incorporate light grains & cruciferous veggies to helps with estrogen buildup. Ex: quinoa, broccoli, bok-choy, kale.
EXERCISE: Strength & Endurance – You got the Energy, go for it!  For Strength & Endurance workouts click HERE.

? Luteal –
FOOD: Warming foods & Salmon, Avocado, Dark Turkey are GREAT!
EXERCISE: Yoga Class & Hot Epsom Salt bath.  For Yoga & Stretching Workouts click HERE.

?️ Menstrual –
FOOD: Avoid Sugar, Caffeine, Red Meat & Eggs.
EXERCISE: Light cardio (walk or hike).  For Daily Workout Challenges click HERE.

?Pre, Menopausal, Post-
FOOD:  As your metabolism begins to slow – please follow these 3 rules to keep your waist little & strong bones:  1- Smaller Portions 2- Less Carbs & more Greens 3- Protein in every meal.
EXERCISE:  Keep moving, listen to your body.  Yoga for light days and Strength & Endurance for energy days. For Daily Workout Challenges click HERE. 

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