With our daily lives keeping us occupied throughout the day, consistently managing fitness into our routines can be tough. I know for a fact that it can get a bit overwhelming at times having experienced it myself.

Running my own business and being too occupied in my own routine took its toll on me. I neglected and ignored what my body was telling me and I ended up regretting not paying attention to what my body was telling me. I was at a point in my life where I was not really happy with my own body and it made me very comfortable.

Do you feel the same way? Are your daily responsibilities making it difficult to not factor in exercise? Do you want to turn your life around and adopt a daily fitness routine that you can follow and stick to everyday?

This realization is everything. I had the same sense of self-awareness overcome me before I put my foot down and dedicated myself to making a change. And trust me, this is not just a physical change that I am talking about, but a mental one as well. I felt good about my body, the way I looked and most importantly, myself.

How did I do it?

Before I let you know of everything I did to bring this change into my life let me tell you an additional secret which really helped me to turn my life around. The secret is to keep it pretty SIMPLE – focus on the word SIMPLE for a minute.

By adopting small and simple changes, I was able to make a daily fitness routine a part of my daily life and it transformed me into the person I am today and it motivated me to help others bring about the same change into their lives – that is why I started this program in the first place.

Change 1 – Make Working Out A Priority

One of the first changes that really helped me make a daily fitness routine a part of my life was to realize that I had to make working out a priority in my life. There are many women who come to me with this problem that with their daily life commitments, they have to put relegate exercise in the background – sort of like something they do whenever they get the chance. I was guilty of doing this do.

However, I was wrong to do that. And changing this part of my life really turned things around for me. I think it has more to do with the realization of this that really motivated me. I assessed and gave importance to the things that mattered to me and it really helped me turn things around for the better and I learned to focus on myself.

Change 2 – Adjust My Daily Routine

Another thing I had to change to make a daily exercise routine work for me is that I made the changes necessary to fit in workouts into my daily life. And you need to do the same. If you know that you’re not doing to get time to work out in the evening and your commitments are not going to allow you to do that than you are aware of a time of day, that doesn’t work for you.

You can try waking up an hour or more earlier. You can start doing morning workouts to start off the day and truthfully it gets your blood pumping and energized before you start your morning routine. If you are unable to work out in the morning then you need to block time out for yourself during the evening or during your lunch hour.

The idea is to prioritize, make time and stick to your commitments.

Change 3 – Find Someone With Same Fitness Goals As You

When I started off I really thought that going solo maybe my best option for getting where I wanted to be physically. However, over the years, working with other women has made me realize that two is always better than one and the more the merrier.

Sharing your fitness goals with someone is really something. You start on a journey with someone, you reach your goals, milestones together which is really something beautiful. It’s an incredible accomplishment that you share together.

By doing this you’re increasing your motivation to adopt a daily exercise routine. You don’t want to miss out, you want to be kept accountable and stick to your goals. Having a buddy to share your fitness journey can help do that for you.

Being part of a community and having someone to share your journey with really does help to bring positivity and an added sense of motivation. Just take a look at our community page and see some of our success stories.


By making these small and simple changes in my life I was able to turn things around for me. I prioritized, made time and really put my focus in where it was necessary along with my daily commitments to make time for me and you can do the same.

Your mental and physical health is important, so make sure that you remember to do the things that your body needs to stay fit and happy.

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