At one point or another in our lives we have all began to work on our fitness goals. However, after only a few weeks (sometimes less), we give up on them – lost for motivation that we are not making any progress.

You are tired of trying again and again and not being able to finish. It makes you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle that you cannot break out of. It’s frustrating to a point that you just never want to try again.

Does this sound similar to you? Are you facing the same type of problems?

“I’ve already done this, I’ve failed before, this is a waste of time.”

“I eat Bad food, and I feel Good in that moment…. But then seconds later I hate my body, my choices, and even myself.”

We are all humans and sometimes we give into our desires and yes we regret it later but I am telling you it’s okay and I will prove it to you.

1. Fast Food / Bad Foods is corrupted. They sneak filthy ingredients that create “Dopamine,” the feel good hormone, against you! This is why you FEEL GOOD when you are eating it & then bad after! You are addicted to their chemicals. I will give you FACTS why they should be BANNED!

FACT #1: The Fast Food Industry puts sugar in everything!!! Sugar is SO addictive and SO bad for your Health & Looks. They load Sugar in the soft drinks, ketchup, hamburger buns, fries and MORE!

FACT #2: Fast Food is full of MSG. MSG is a flavoring agent to enhance flavor. It is very addictive and there have been numerous reports of skin rashes, itching, hives, vomiting, asthma, heart irregularities, depression, seizures, headaches, migraines, chest pain, lack of energy… the list goes on. IT IS BAD!

FACT #3: Casein is known as the “nicotine of fast food.” IT is found in fries, milk, cheese, buns, milkshakes, baked goods, desserts, salad dressings, sausages and MORE! The side effects are terrible for your health and promote unwanted weight gain! GROSS!

FACT #4: The fast food industry loves to add salt. Why because they know it’s addicting and they don’t care that it can raise your blood pressure, make you fat, and full of illnesses. YUCK!

FACT #5: BAD FAT is a huge player in junk food. The grease and the lard is all built into your fries, burger, sausage, and condiments! Stay away from this cancer-causing, health-destroying garbage! STICK to HEALTHY FATS: olive oil, avocado, nuts/seeds, almond butter…

FACT #6: Wonder why you have CELLULITE? Maybe you should think twice before you eat more preservatives. Your body doesn’t know how to process and leaves your body looking lumpy. STAY AWAY FROM INGREDIENTS YOU CAN’T READ!

FACT #7: Wonder why you are pulled into the drive-thru??? Because convenience and immediate gratification is running your life! STOP and PREP. Don’t get stuck unprepared. You are better than that!

FACT #: I care about you… I want you to be FIT, HEALTHY, ENERGETIC and SEXY. Please VOW to me that you WILL NEVER EAT THIS CRAP AGAIN! MAKE A STAND TODAY!

Here is how:

1. Be self aware of your weakness & prepare to fight them.

2. When you are eating the bad foods, ruin the dopamine high with reading these facts again.

3. Start replacing the addiction with MY new fun recipes.

I don’t expect you to change things overnight. Nobody can do that. However, making progress in small steps is all that I ask of you. Start small, take one bad eating habit from your life and start replacing them with a healthier eating habit.

You can do this, and you will always be in control of the choices you make and the life you want to lead. Let’s decide today that we want to take charge of the choices we will be making, starting now.

YOU GOT THIS! Progression over Perfection!

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