Most of you will be shaking your heads after reading ‘workout’ and ‘vacation’ in the same sentence. But let me assure you, taking a quick 20-25 minutes out of your morning to break a sweat will keep you energised for the rest of the day.

And of course you will feel less guilty when you knock back those fresh burgers off the grill.

The good stuff, right?

Keeping up with a fitness routine is hard as it is at home so don’t set unrealistic expectations while on vacation. Remember that accomplishing a little bit is better than nothing in order to get the travel fitness going.

You may not have access to your equipment, workout clothes and even have the time to complete a regular routine. But I recommend you pack your Booty Band with you just in case since it is lightweight, portable, and can allow you to get in a workout anytime, anywhere you want.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a workout that requires no equipment and can be taken care of during your vacation with just a Booty Band in hand. On top of that the workout is pretty simple to follow and can be done in pretty much any hotel room, beach house rental, backyard etc

Let’s get into the travel fitness routine:

Travel Fitness Exercise #1 – Jump Squat


This will get your heart pumping, burn calories and strengthen your legs at the same time. If you happen to carry your Booty Band, place it right above your knees. If not then don’t fret it – it’s just optional and stress is the last thing you’d want to worry about. . .

Start in a squat position, sitting back as far as you can and your hands clasped loosely at your chest. Maintain the posture as you jump up a few inches off the ground bringing your legs together. Land as softly as you can in the low squat position, keeping your weight on your heels to complete one rep. Complete as many reps as you can for two minutes straight.

To really feel the fuego – in between several hops, hold your squat position for an extra 8 seconds pulsing up and down. Ay ay ay!

Good job, Ladies.

Travel Fitness Exercise #2 – Straight Back Leg Lifts


I absolutely love this vacation workout because it does not require any equipment and is great for lifting your booty. You will definitely be wearing short-shorts and bikini bottoms, so this move will give you that push in your tush.

Begin in all fours with your hands under the shoulders and knees under your hips. Keeping your hips level, straighten out your left leg so that your right knee is on the ground. Lift the left leg up behind you leading with the heel of your foot. At the top squeeze your glutes and then gently lower down your leg until your toes are touching the ground Repeat the same motion for 20 reps and then switch legs..

Make sure you keep your core engaged so that your spine stays in a neutral position throughout the exercise.

You are doing so well, ladies.

Travel Fitness Exercise #3 – Clamshells


Clear blue water, golden sand and magnificent views – what an ideal place for clamshells during your vacation workout.

Lay down on your right side with your feet and hips stacked, knees bent 90 degrees and your head resting on your right arm. Place your booty band above your knees (optional).

Keeping your core engaged and your feet together, elevate your left knee towards the ceiling. You will feel the tension building up. Resist the urge to lift your right knee off the ground.

Hold the position for a couple of seconds, squeezing your glutes before lowering your left knee to the starting position. This completes one rep. Do 15 reps and then switch sides. You will feel like a clam opening and closing its shell.

Travel Fitness Exercise #4 – Donkey Kicks


Things are getting serious now ladies – your booty and outer thighs will be feeling it in no time. If you have got your Booty Band with you then you can put in on right above your knees.

Get down on all fours (dog pose) with your knees under your hips and hands underneath your shoulders (or on your elbows as pictured above). Kick your right leg up while keeping your foot flexed and knees bent. Hold for a couple of seconds at the top. Return your right leg down to the floor for one rep. Continue with the same motion for 20 reps and then switch sides.

In order to really feel the burn in your glute, try to spend more time holding at the top so that your muscle feels the tension.

Awesome job ladies, we are finally there. Good Job.

Travel Fitness Exercise #5 – Single Leg Bridge


This is an awesome low impact exercise that can be done with no equipment or just a Booty Band. If you do it correctly, you will find that it is a powerful core strengthening move as well! It targets the glutes, abs, lower back and the hamstrings.

Lie on your back with your arms extended by your sides. Bend your right knee, pressing the heel in to the ground and extend your left leg out. Engage your core and push your hips up to raise the left leg towards the sky – forming a reverse bridge pose. A straight line should run from the back of your shoulder to your knee. Hold this position for the next three seconds. Then slowly lower down to the ground to your buttocks. Repeat with the left leg 10 more times before switching to the right leg.

Rounding Things Up

Vacations are a time when you get to take time out of your busy lives and sort of reset the clock on your routine and take a break from everything in order to recuperate. Well, and nothing better would be able to provide that good feeling except a good workout even while you’re on a vacation. So it’s time to get your vacation workout in.

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