There are different ways to start yoga. You can start taking classes, join a group or even start practicing on your own. You can choose to begin your journey from anywhere you want but as you experience new things, you learn and discover your own rhythm. You learn to approach everything with an open heart and an open mind – all of this seems like a beautiful journey being put together.

However, there is always a time when you are starting something new and before you start something fresh, it is always good to have someone to show you the way, to guide you, and most importantly stop you from making the same mistakes others have made.

I myself had to learn from experience. Today, I am going to share my experiences with you and tell you some of the things you should know before you start doing yoga.

1 – You Will Not Always Be A Beginner

The very first thing I would like to tell you is that you will not always be a beginner. The more you practice, and the more experience you gain, will only increase your knowledge, comfort and flexibility. The reason that I am telling you this is that because as a beginner, you must embrace it full heartedly and you will adapt to the learning process. Relax and enjoy the whole journey.


Trust me ladies, if I had the chance to go through my whole yoga journey all over again, I would focus on being more relaxed and being present in the moment. To truly absorb what I was feeling, at the moment.

2 – It Is Never A Good Idea To Compare Yourself To Others

Sure, you have joined a group to do yoga. You’re learning about yoga as well as experiencing new things. It’s a great feeling, I know. However, one thing you must always be cautious about is that is to never compare yourself to others who are also practicing.


Everybody is drawn to yoga for their own reasons. You might be in the room for one reason, while the person next to you might be there for a reason that is completely their own. You should focus on being in your own experience and go through the entire journey.

And yes, you can look at other people to correct your form and stance, that would not be comparing.

3 – Your Breath Is The Most Important Part Of Yoga

This is the most important aspect of basic yoga that you need to understand – breathing is IMPORTANT.


I cannot stress this enough ladies but if you have to struggle for breath to do a yoga pose that is slightly difficult or you could say, out of your comfort zone, then you are doing it wrong.

Yes, you heard me.

Yoga is all about breathing, connecting with your inner-self and being aware of what your body is capable of. If you feel yourself struggling to breath evenly or becoming out of breath, take a moment and recenter your energy. One of the beautiful mantras of yoga is that your breathing in all that is good, and exhaling that, that does not serve you.

4 – There Is A Lot Of Emotional Energy In Your Physical Being


One thing, all of you must understand is that your physical being is capable of storing emotional feelings – particularly the hip and shoulder areas. So when you start to relax those certain areas of your body during yoga – it’s okay to have some emotional tension being released as well.

There maybe times, when you are doing yoga and after a session you start to feel shitty or angry or feel like crying. Let me tell you, it’s okay. You have to let all of your emotions flow out and allow yourself to create space for harmony and positivity to flow in.

5 – It’s Always About Being You


People often get confused when asked about the real purpose of yoga. I know, people have their own reasons for starting to practice yoga. However, yoga has always been about you and you only.

It can help you to connect with your real self, your mind, body, soul, which are all working in harmony to give you a better understanding of yourself. It can help you to be more confident, more comfortable with who you are, and allow you to share this magnificent person with the rest of the world.

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