We want to move forward and do better in life but we are stuck. We are afraid and lost. We reject all the love, appreciation and opportunities that come our way. We self sabotage ourselves. We also end up comparing ourselves to other women, living in regret and feeling undeserving of good things. This vicious cycle goes on and on. As a result, these negative thoughts take roots in our subconscious.

Our health suffers a lot because of the sedentary lifestyle most of us lead today. We spend most of our days sitting in front of our computers and laptops, have no motivation for making healthy foods, and our sources of entertainment are facebook, netflix and instagram.

Our health is suffering enough because of unhealthy lifestyle; these dark thoughts seem to have worsened the effect. We start looking for motivation. We convince ourselves at night and all the motivation fades away in the morning. We know what to do but can’t persuade ourselves to do so.Then it’s your brain that needs rewiring.

Thoughts holding you back:

  • Not taking the opportunity (fear of rejection)

  • Not being open enough (fear of humiliation)

  • Not reaching for a raise (fear of losing what I have)

  • Not feeling or deserving of love (fear of getting hurt)

  • Not deserving of money (poor me)

  • Not deserving a good body (fear of the wrong workouts).


So What should we do to overcome these problems? Start bringing the positivity in our lives which is more important than bringing the motivation.

For a sound body, we need a sound mind. For a sound mind, we need to overcome all the barriers in our mind. Interesting thing is that WE are to blame for holding US back.

Why is it that we you can’t have a happy, healthy relationship ever because your previous one didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? Why is it that we can only follow and not lead? Why is it that we only earn and not own?

In order to move forward learn to FORGIVE and stop being so hard on yourself. You deserve a better life, better relationship, better job, and you definitely deserve to love the skin you are in. In order to do that, you need to rewire your brain and whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, pause, and get your mind back on the right track.

Clear that negativity clouding your mind so you can see that the path you are on can lead you to so much more, more than you can imagine. You’re just one decision away. Start creating your perfect future and do less dwelling in the past.

Switch negative thoughts with positive ones


  • Forgive yourself (only a strong mind can do it)

  • Be more open (you are not guaranteed more lives)

  • Make a vision (set milestone and cross one at a time)

  • Surround yourself with healthy people (ask yourself “do they make me a better person?”).

  • Demand a better life from yourself (your brain never stops growing)

Take back the control from your unconfident self and enter a new better, healthy and successful life with more confident self.

Forgive yourself for only a strong mind can do it.

Along with Thoughts holding you back section: a women restrained by thoughts, not able to move forward.

Along with Switch negative thoughts with positive ones section: a women with perfect body and attire taking lead and challenging everything coming in her way.

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