Don’t Let A Negative Mindset Affect Your Life

I cannot stress this enough, but really attitude is everything. The way you treat yourself, the way you approach life impacts greatly on the results you would like to achieve in both mind and body.

I have been a victim to this – there was a point in my when I let a negative mindset impact my life in a way that I wasn’t happy with myself. This mindset, the negative attitude, put me in a place where I really didn’t want to be.

If put simply, I was not happy.

How it happened is a story for another time, but I let this negative way of thinking take over my life. It affected my health, it affected my fitness, and most importantly it affected my mindset and the way I approached life.

Did I let all of this consume me and bring me down? There were times when I considered giving in and conceding to the everyday hustle of life. But I didn’t, and today thankfully here I am healthy, and happy with myself mentally and physically, just because I changed my mindset – I cut the negative out and took to looking at things for the better.

However, let me assure you – all of this is easier said than done. Do you feel like you’re struggling too? Are you not happy with where you are? If so, this is not where you want to be and you want to overcome this to be happy and healthy, both emotionally as well as physically.

But first you must understand how a negative mindset is taking over you and in turn, how it’s impacting your life.

The Effects Of A Negative Mindset

When you are unhappy with any one aspect in your life, it can have a trickle down effect and impact other areas. Whether you are unhappy with your job, a relationship, or your own body, one negative situation can have an adverse effect on other areas in your life. When negativity creeps in it has a way of sucking of us of our energy and motivation.

Additional damage happens when we let the opinion of others affect the way we think about ourselves. Let me assure you that nobody is perfect and we all look at ourselves and think there is something that we can change – I was there too. However, taking a positive approach, even in the form of baby-steps, can help you to overcome these challenges. It helps you overcome negative thinking.

It doesn’t end there. Okay you have not been happy with some aspect of your life. You decided to turn things around – take this negativity and throw it out the window. However, a week or two in – the feelings come back and although you are progressing – not feeling like you are all zen yet, and you want to give up.

This is one of the toughest points of your journey and you cannot let this inner turmoil hurt your progress and stop you. You have to keep going, you have to find it in you to pull yourself through this and as they say ‘nothing that comes easy is fulfilling enough’ – the results that you see now are going to be worth it.

It sounds silly, but remember the Tortoise and The Hare- slow and steady. It is a matter of adjusting how you have been looking at things and learning to adapt your way of thinking to put emphasis on the positive.v

What Approach To Take To Overcome A Negative Mindset

There is not a set solution that you can take and apply to everyone. Because everybody has their own journey, their own shortcomings, and their own strengths. However, in my experience what I have seen work most effectively is when only a few small, simple changes in the way we approach life and the way we treat ourselves.

Really, you will not believe the results you can get from a little adjustment.

1 – Positive Affirmations

The one thing that I believe that has always worked in overcoming a negative mindset is positively motivating yourself, always. You don’t like something about yourself? No problem. Be positive about it and look at the ways how you can change it to make yourself happy.

You should not let anything bring you down. Always keep motivating yourself with positive affirmations and to overcome negative thinking in a proactive way.

2 – Show Yourself Some Self Love

Let me just say, all of you are beautiful and you should always tell yourself that. I have come across this problem with women that I have trained, and by changing this one thing- I saw them become a totally different person.

It’s really amazing to see how a little self-love can really transform a person from the inside, out. Negativity has a chain-reaction on how we approach life and also how we live it. Look in the mirror and don’t look to pick out flaws, but to identify the incredible, strong, amazing woman that you are. Appreciate her! She deserves it.

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